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I try to make a point never to judge other people’s relationships from the outside. I find that the best long term relationships sometimes look…odd from the outsider perspective.
Case in point. My boy still works in the City and the City might as well have a sign out: Aspiring Alcoholics Apply Within. He’s not much of a drinker, neither am I but the City will turn pretty much anyone into a bit of a boozer. Semi-annually, he goes out with some bankers and…it sometimes gets messy. So this morning we have this conversation:

Mr. KHLSN: Uhm, do you know when I got home last night?
KHLSN: About 4:30.
Mr. KHLSN (wincing): I was pretty bad, huh?
KHLSN: You refused to speak anything other than French.
Mr. KHLSN: Whoa.
KHLSN: You kept talking about how jolie and charmante I was and how much you je t’adored me.
Mr. KHLSN: So at least I was saying the right things.
KHLSN (acid-sweet) and I’ll just presume you were sincere.
Mr. KHLSN: So who’s going to play me in the movie?

(See this here is an inside joke. When I’m pissed at him, I tell him that when they make a movie about his life that I will insist that Paul Walker be cast to play him. And this is ZOMG! fate-worse-than-death apparently. So he uses the biographical movie-to-be to gauge the state of my affections.)

KHLSN: (long pause) Liev Schreiber
Mr. KHLSN (\o/) Ladies & Gentlemen: she still loves me! Liev for the win!


I tell my sister things like this and she’s all, “OMG weren’t you pissed at him? Staying out all night like that?”

And I’m all: “Nah, see, next time I go to chinawhite and stay until 6 in the morning, I have a gold-plated pass.”

And sis says wryly: “It’s a good thing you two found each other. Otherwise I bet you’d be making two normal people miserable.”

Which is my definition of a good relationship, really. If you’d be making two normal people miserable, but you’re making each other very happy, it’s all good.

Like a few weeks ago:

Mr. KHLSN: Have you seen my business cards?
KHLSN: They’re on my desk, next to the Charger.
Mr. KHLSN (unexpectedly) I love you.
KHLSN (drily) You just figured this out?
Mr. KHLSN Because any other woman would be talking about a phone charger. And not a scale model replica of a ’68 Dodge Charger.
KHLSN. ’69.
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